Painted Furniture

Creativity & Artistic Flair

Upcycling old but well-crafted pieces of furniture is all the rage, and it certainly makes sense!

Not only was furniture made more carefully and skilfully in bygone days – made to last the distance unlike much of our modern mass-produced furniture – but it is also environmentally friendly to re-use vintage furniture rather than waste increasingly scarce good wood and throw it out.

Here at Reedec we like nothing better than to harness our creativity and artistic flair and put it together with our expertise in painting and decorating techniques in order to resurrect, revive and renew battered, boring and worn furniture pieces.

Bespoke Hand Painting

As experts in hand-painting furniture, we treat each piece with great care, sensitivity and attention to detail in both the preparation and finishing.

We hand paint all types of furniture, old and new, from cupboards and cabinets to desks and tables. Each piece is treated as bespoke and we’ll fulfil your wishes as best we can – offering advice if you need it.

Whether you want to retain the original wood grain, paint it in a plain shade or layer on bright colours and patterns, we’ll use the appropriate techniques and materials to achieve the look and finish you desire, from formal period style to fun folksy “boho” effects.

Painted Furniture on Trend

Our skilled furniture painters are up to speed with all the latest trends in hand-painted furniture finishing. Particularly popular is furniture with a smooth, flawless matte finish in dark colours – well-suited to updating reclaimed Victorian cabinetry.

Gold, copper and silver metallic painted details are very much in vogue to highlight edges, carvings and ridges.

Chalk paint is the “in thing” for creating that fashionable “distressed” appearance when refinishing old furniture, or perhaps you prefer glossy, bright primary colours to really make a piece “pop”.

Whatever your preference, when it comes to hand-painted furniture Reedec will turn the dull and ordinary into the bright and beautiful.

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